July 4th (1978)!

Rob and i were going to go up on the roof to watch the fireworks (it’s an incredibly clear night), but being that I spent about 8 hours painting (walls, not art) today, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to climb up there without a lot of exertion. Oh well, it’s probably on TV, like the “log fireplace” station at Christmastime.

Soundtrack to my day of painting…
The Feeling – Twelve Stops and Home

This album (er, CD) fits in perfectly with all my favorite nostalgic 70’s AM rock tracks, like “Thunder Island” or “Shannon”. I listen to The Feeling’s “Never Be Lonely” and I could be driving out to Blackbeard’s Water Park in Fresno with my family in the summer of ’78.

Back when I could be totally content standing in the front yard on the 4th of July and waving a sparkler.