Some thoughts on the past year


1. Validation for my love of Journey (“Hold on to that FEE-eh-lee-eh-hen…”).

2. Trips to Maui and Kauai with friends and family.

3. Low rise (butt-crack muffin top) jeans finally over.

4. The humor of Judd Apatow + Company finally appreciated (including “Undeclared” on DVD)

5. Finally finished the bathroom renovation.

6. “Challengers” by The New Pornographers

7. Felix turns 2 and now we have conversations.


1. Mom getting totally inebriated at French Laundry.

2. Missing all the good shows on Showtime (and wondering why we even bother with HBO).

3. Lack of exercise leading to poor health and getting stuck in the sofa.

4. Moving out of one demographic and into another.

5. More frequent hair coloring.

6. Rob’s truck getting sideswiped out in front of our house.

7. Not getting out enough.

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