Destination, Austin

Well, the sun’s coming out and I’m seeing less and less people texting on their iPhones or hunched over a laptop in the hotel lobby. The crowds here are getting younger with a thriftscore meets Urban Outfitters chic. This changing of the guard can only mean one thing…South by Southwest Interactive is ending and the Music Festival is starting!

I’ve been here in Austin since last Friday and it’s been like watching the seasons change. Considering that the weather dipped down to 35 degrees in the evening just a few nights ago, it’s hard to believe it’s completely turned and is now a pleasant and comfortable 77, at 6 pm, no less.

I just got back from a checking out a short set by the band Ra Ra Riot. I was instantly struck by the lead singer’s shirt, which could very well have been the same plaid Alexander Julian button down that I bought for my Sadie Hawkins date back in the 80’s. Kind of good foreshadowing for their sound, which I might describe as:

(The Cure + Morrisey) backed by the string section of our high school band and members of the Chess Club.

Lots of energy, though, and I liked them. Boy did they look young. Listen to a bit of their music here.

More to come on later music shows tonight!

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