A Light Lunch and More Musings on Music

I can’t imagine eating this way any more than once a week or so, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try and discover the subtle nuances of Texas BBQ while in Austin. So here’s my take:

“Mmmm. Smokey. Good meat. Sauce is kinda sweet, kinda vinegar-ey. I need something crunchy with this. Oh man, everything is sticky. Do potatoes qualify as vegetables? Napkins, wet-wipes, where are they…”. Etc. You get the picture. Same deal at most of the places I went.

Now back to the other bands I checked out at South by…

Goldspot. Apparently this band’s music is on the O.C and a bunch of other shows like that. Since I didn’t watch that show, I’m not familiar with Goldspot, but I can totally imagine the songs on a show with a bunch of rich kids full of angst. No, I don’t want to sound like I’m slagging them. I actually liked the music, and I thought the songs were interesting, if not a bit anthemic (is that a word?). . Check out “Time Bomb”. You’ll know what I mean.

There were a few other bands at this same venue that it turns out were part of a showcase presented by KCRW. So these bands have a bit of buzz going around them already, probably having been played on Morning Becomes Eclectic or whatever. Another band I saw here was The Duke Spirit out of the UK. Female singer, darkish, driving, and kind of goth. I probably would have gotten more into them if it hadn’t been 1:20 am in the morning. Hear a song from them here.

I dug Electric Touch…maybe the piano power chord demo that I heard on their SXSW profile page roped me in initially (because I am a SUCKER for a good piano power chord) or maybe it was the 70s classic rock stylings. They are based in Austin, but the lead singer is British (maybe the whole band is?) and looks like a cross between a baby Chris Robinson and a certain local singer-songwriter I used to crush on. This band wins the title of “tightest rocker pants” as a collective.

I also quickly ran by the Lemonheads (remember them?!) show, which was happening at Emo’s Annex OUTSIDE, meaning I didn’t even have to go into the venue to hear them. I peeked over the fence, and yes, it sounded exactly like Evan Dando always sounded like and I also observed that he is quite tall. They performed the entire tracklist of “It’s a Shame About Ray”, although I didn’t stay. I have the cassette somewhere at home I should dig out.

Lastly, my favorite show of the night was The Ting Tings. They are a guy/girl duo from Manchester who do an upbeat electro poppy kind of thing. The female takes lead vocals and the male plays the drums (like the White Stripes in reverse). She’s super cute with a pretty voice, kind of reminding me of Debbie Harry meets Terri Nunn, with the wardrobe trendsetting potential of Gwen Stefani. It was hard not to bounce up and down to the synth-ey and bubbly sound. I’m definitely gonna buy their disc once it comes out.

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