Selective Memory

The other day I was driving in the car with the radio on and came to the realization (after the full extended version played) that I STILL know all the lyrics to Rappers Delight.

I was oddly both proud and embarrassed at the same time. I don’t understand why my retention of knowledge from the past is mostly centered around short-lived ABC TV sitcoms, obscure actors and pop music from the 70s and 80s. How is this useful in any way, to me now?

The answer is, it’s in no way useful, except at gatherings with friends playing “name that classic rock tune” when no one has access to an iPhone or computer with Google. If only I could do this for money.

Anyway, a few years back, my friend Laura sent me this website quiz and I just recently re-took the test. Scored a 101 without cheating. I feel like I could have done better if I hadn’t been so spontaneous in jumping into the quiz (sometimes you have to warm up and stretch a little, before a challenge like this).

Right now I can just see Rob muttering to himself what a crazy wack-job he married.

But I really want to know, how did YOU do on the quiz?

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