Thrilla in Manila…

Ok, so maybe it’s not Manila, but I couldn’t resist (it was close enough).

1500 Filipino prison inmates from the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center. The best part starts at the 3:20 mark. And they seem soooo into it. Do you think there was a tryout for the girl part in drag? Now THAT’S some acting!

I might be slow in the bandwagon of having seen this video, but I just wanted to share my fascination with this innate talent of Filipinos for music performance and dancing. It’s always been a part of my life (my father could play piano by ear and kept music flowing in the house) and growing up, I just assumed all families had sing-a-longs to American pop tunes after dinner every night. My mother doesn’t want a proper stereo unless it accepts a Karaoke input. Even now, when I’m home by myself watching VH1 Classic I follow the dance routines to my favorite videos from high school, which included “Thriller”, “Lucky Star” by Madonna, and “Love is a Battlefield”.

Doesn’t everyone?

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