Well slap me with an 8-inch sausage!

My father was always big on BBQ-ing. Like most dads, he always took pride in his mad skillz and during the hot hot summers in the central valley, he’d be grilling meats for our outdoor dinners on the patio at least 3 times a week. Usually, it was beef Tri-Tip, which I only later came to realize wasn’t one of the typical cuts you’d find across the country in grocery stores, sitting next to the Rib Eye or Filet Mignons. As a kid, I thought all beef steak was Tri-Tip, because besides “ground beef”, that’s all we ever ate.

Anyway, I remember my father shaking Lawry’s Seasoned Salt on it, or to be truly local, his favorite Pappy’s Seasoning, made right there in our hometown of Fresno, CA.

Recently I was reminded of all this, after reading this bizarre but utterly hilarious news story, tracked back to the Fresno Bee:
Burglar victims wake to spice rub, sausage attack

also headlined in the San Jose Mercury News as:
Burglar rubs spices on sleeping man, whacks another with a sausage and a dog eats the evidence

I think that pretty much sums it up. Only in a place like Fresno, I guess. And I did really appreciate the fact that they specifically identified the seasoning, giving props to the hometown. Sometimes with all the heavy heavy stuff going on in the world, you need to hear a kooky story like this to make your day.

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