Thrilla in Manila…

Ok, so maybe it’s not Manila, but I couldn’t resist (it was close enough).

1500 Filipino prison inmates from the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center. The best part starts at the 3:20 mark. And they seem soooo into it. Do you think there was a tryout for the girl part in drag? Now THAT’S some acting!

I might be slow in the bandwagon of having seen this video, but I just wanted to share my fascination with this innate talent of Filipinos for music performance and dancing. It’s always been a part of my life (my father could play piano by ear and kept music flowing in the house) and growing up, I just assumed all families had sing-a-longs to American pop tunes after dinner every night. My mother doesn’t want a proper stereo unless it accepts a Karaoke input. Even now, when I’m home by myself watching VH1 Classic I follow the dance routines to my favorite videos from high school, which included “Thriller”, “Lucky Star” by Madonna, and “Love is a Battlefield”.

Doesn’t everyone?


Ok, so that earthquake the other night scared the bejeezus out of me. I was here for the Loma Prieta and figured I had a pretty good handle on keeping calm and waiting it out once the ground starts shaking. For some reason (maybe because I was previously in a deep deep sleep), this one jolted me awake into a panic where I actually started yelling “Oh my god oh my god oh my god…”.

Although it didn’t last very long, the initial bump felt like a truck drove into the side of the house. We noticed a few books on the shelf tipped over, but no damage.

My favorite quote about the trembler, courtesy of the SF Chronicle:

“And Dream Fluff Donuts in the city’s Elmwood District had a large, oval shaped piece of glass fall out of their display window, but remained open for business.

“It was all pretty minor,” said U.S. Geological Survey spokeswoman Leslie Gordon.
“It didn’t interrupt doughnut production.”

Bad TV…BAD! (but oh so good)

I have to confess that one of the reasons I decided to major in Mass Comm at Berkeley was because I had heard Todd Gitlin’s curriculum included watching television as part of the course requirements. I thought, “Man, college is SO cool!”

Believe it or not, I did find much of that learning applicable later in life. It helped shape my perception of the media, encouraged me to think critically, and helped me recognize television “formulas” from Aaron Spelling shows to the nightly news. Which makes it even more surprising to me that I am still such a sucker for so many shows considered “low brow” entertainment.

On my Tivo hot list this summer: Top Chef, The World Series of Pop Culture, Flight of the Conchords, and…um….Scott Baio is 45…and Single.

Now that last one (I’ll refer to it as SBI45AS) is kind of embarassing to admit, but just hear me out.

If you were a girl coming of age in the 70’s, then you know about SB. He probably entered my radar from Happy Days, as that was one of the only parent approved programs in the limited 3 hours of TV per week I was allowed to watch. I wasn’t a teenager yet and didn’t really like boys, but for some reason I followed everything he did (including Blansky’s Beauties and Bugsy Malone). Flash forward 30 years and he shows up on Arrested Development in a dryly funny role (Bob Loblaw) and having aged quite well.

So I got suckered into watching SBI45AS, just out of weird curiosity. Thing is, the storyline is interesting, he’s honest and compelling, and the subject matter feels so timely and relevant. Have you ever wanted to go back and talk to people you were involved with to find out why things didn’t work out? Do you wonder if the guys you knew growing up who couldn’t/wouldn’t grow up ever question their choice of that life path? Is there a point where it’s just too late to change who you turned out to be? It’s kind of a relief to see other people struggle with those same questions, for my entertainment. Man, I can’t believe he’s 45.

Also…great music on the show, too.

July 4th (1978)!

Rob and i were going to go up on the roof to watch the fireworks (it’s an incredibly clear night), but being that I spent about 8 hours painting (walls, not art) today, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to climb up there without a lot of exertion. Oh well, it’s probably on TV, like the “log fireplace” station at Christmastime.

Soundtrack to my day of painting…
The Feeling – Twelve Stops and Home

This album (er, CD) fits in perfectly with all my favorite nostalgic 70’s AM rock tracks, like “Thunder Island” or “Shannon”. I listen to The Feeling’s “Never Be Lonely” and I could be driving out to Blackbeard’s Water Park in Fresno with my family in the summer of ’78.

Back when I could be totally content standing in the front yard on the 4th of July and waving a sparkler.


This if the first day of the rest of this blog…

I thought it would be great to finally have a creative outlet for all that pent up energy, and I now realize I have nothing to say.

Is that bad?